What's so special about water soluble CBD?

Molecules of oil are larger than that of water and therefore, oil and water don’t mix together.

Water is essential for life, the brain and the heart are composed of 73% water, with the lungs being 83%. Skin rates in at 64%, muscle and kidneys at 79% and even mineralized bone come in at 31% water. Water plays an active roll in various essential functions to keep the body working efficiently. Water is a vital nutrient to the life of every cell, it aids in regulation internal body temperatures, transportation of vital molecules, flushes the system of toxics, provides a cushion for the nervous stem including the brain and spinal cord, aids in joint lubrications and forms saliva, which is necessary for breaking down food. Given the high percentage of total water throughout our bodies, water-soluble compounds travel through the body faster and are absorbed more efficiently. Hemp oil has a poor absorption rate in the body in comparison to a water-based CBD formula.

Benefits of CBD water soluble formulations
Water soluble CBD can easily be mixed into beverages at essentially any desired concentration, it provides an exceptionally high bioavailability and therefore more pronounced therapeutic effects as the product is being absorbed more efficiently by the body.

With the intentions of providing our customers with a premium CBD tea product designed to optimize bioavailability and its therapeutic health benefits, LEAF is 100% THC-free broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD.

Fat aids in the absorption of the CBD within the small intestines, given this fact, enjoying premium LEAF tea with a small snack will enhance its desired effects.