About Leaf Tea Company

Leaf Tea Company is a privately held tea company with big ambitions and humble beginnings. Formed by some out of the box thinking individuals, who’s paths crossed in a united force that compelled them to do something differently.

We manufacture specialty tea & herbal tea blends with the unique application of water-soluble CBD infusion. With a strong focus on health & wellness, Leaf Tea Company provides CBD blends created with state-of-the-art water-soluble technology. Our CBD delivery system allows your body to absorb benefits 8 to 12 times faster with incredible bioavailability.

Leaf Tea Company sources its tea leaves from the highest caliber of tea farms globally. With ties to well-known tea connoisseurs, we look to educate and empower the tea lovers from around the world. We pride ourselves in transparency and integrity and invite you to be part of our journey of healing the world, one cup at a time. 

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