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Despite the amazing way that air travel has connected society, it remains a stressful and challenging endeavor. Between packing luggage, getting the family ready, arranging for rides, and handling security, passengers have their hands full. However, now that CBD has seen federal legalization, passengers can travel domestically with this stress relieving product. Dry CBD teas are a perfect, easy option to add to your travel kit. Once passengers are through TSA checkpoints, they can find a cup of hot water from one of the many airport coffee shops. Or they can ask a flight attendant once they are settled into their seat.

According to the TSA website, CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC are allowed through their security screening. Leaf CBD teas fall under this requirement and provide their testing results directly on their packaging. Dry tea bags, and loose leaf teas fall under the category of “solid food” and can be brought onto flights in a carry-on. These guidelines are for travel within the domestic United States. International flights get more complicated, and you’ll want to check the specifics of the countries that you are flying through before traveling with CBD.

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A container of Leaf CBD Tea can be tossed into your carry-on, ready to be brewed with a cup of hot water. Tea is lightweight for travel and easy to make in most airports. Not to mention tea has a long history of health benefits that include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory effects, and digestive support. There are many different blends of tea, each with their own health benefits.

CBD users report lower anxiety, especially in high stress situations. CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as THC, so the user isn’t knocked out. The effect is described as a turning down of the internal volume. It doesn’t cause a “high” like THC, but it does help activate certain stress management systems. Some people use it for a nice boost of non-jittery energy in the morning. While others use it for a more restful sleep. CBD users often report lower anxiety, especially in high stress situations.

Chamomile CBD tea is an herbal tea great for settling into relaxation. It is made using a daisy-like flower and has a mellow, honey-like sweet flavor. Silky smooth yet clean, this tea has a delicate blend of floral and herbal essence. Dietitians often recommend chamomile tea to relax nerves, soothe the nervous system and aid in sleep improvement. This tea is naturally caffeine free and best enjoyed before bedtime. Studies have shown that Chamomile tea promotes a healthy and efficient immune system, fighting off harmful bacteria and boosting the immune system as a probable preventive measure. Chamomile tea has shown to help ease anxiety and depression, and many women use it to reduce menstrual pain. The last thing anyone wants is the physical pains of stress while navigating the airport. Leaf Tea Chamomile blend combined with CBD provides natural, time-tested remedies.

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The energy found in Leaf Tea’s black and green CBD teas is a great way to make it through that last stretch of travel time. Vanilla Chai CBD tea is a lightly caffeinated black tea. It has a sweet and spicy taste made from its blend of ginger, spices, vanilla and cinnamon. A cup of chai tea is a great source of after lunch energy because it aids the digestive system to maintain a healthy gut environment. Leaf Tea’s Vanilla Chai blend has a hint of sweetness that comes from the vanilla.

Earl Grey CBD tea is a black tea that contains a light amount of caffeine, providing jittery free morning energy. Earl Grey has a rich aromatic citrus flavor that comes from the fruit bergamot. Unlike coffee, Earl Grey doesn’t dehydrate the body. It replaces the essential vitamins and water-soluble minerals that the body uses during the day. Earl Grey tea aids in digestion and is known to relieve constipation, acid reflux and promote the clearing of intestinal infections. A cup of this is a great alternative to that second cup of coffee.

Lemon Ginger CBD tea is a green tea, meant to energize and inspire. Lemon ginger green tea has a grassy, citrus flavor. It is a great tea for afternoon recovery. This tea in particular makes for a delicious, iced tea blend. Perfect for a vacation in a warmer climate. Ginger is one of the most effective supplements to treat gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The powerful combination of lemon and ginger is not only an effective addition to internal health, but it also contains a high number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have shown to improve overall skin health.

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Another great option is an iced tea tumbler. Every blend of Leaf CBD Tea makes a delicious and refreshing iced beverage. These still require hot water to brew the tea, then ice is added over for a refreshing beverage. Many of these tumblers seal up and fit in a cup holder. Just remember to fill them after TSA checkpoints.

Since its recent legalization CBD products have been expanding throughout many markets. Because of the stress of airline travel, many passengers have a routine to alleviate stress. CBD teas are a great addition to the toolset of stress management.

Guests expect the absolute highest in quality, which Leaf Tea provides with their exclusive water-soluble technology. Water soluble CBD is the highest standard of delivery and will likely be the gold standard going forward. It allows for precise dosages along with a higher bioavailability than its oil-based counterparts. Higher bioavailability means that more CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream and less harmful bits are being introduced.

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The vast majority of competing products use an oil-based CBD. This means the active CBD molecules are suspended in an oil-based alcohol through a pressure or chemicalization process. As a byproduct, the many benefits of CBD can be made less effective. Although the process has been shown as safe for consumption, oil as a molecule is much more difficult for human bodies to absorb than water soluble molecules.

Leaf CBD Teas are made with high quality ingredients and use the newest standard in delivery technology. The variety of tea blends is certain to enhance any hotel stay or airline travel experience.


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